Hirola Conservation Programme:

saving the world's most endangered antelope

Promotes the conservation of the hirola antelope and its fragile habitat in partnership with communities in eastern Kenya.


Patrick is from Meru community in Mount Kenya region. He holds a diploma in wildlife management from Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute and passionate about conservation of flora and fauna. He brings enormous experience to the project having worked in renowned conservancies in Laikipia. His previous positions have involved working and living in remote areas under difficult conditions with significant physical field work. Overtime he has built skills in data collection, data management & analysis, use of GIS software, Wildlife welfare and habitat monitoring, collaring and tracking technology (Elephants & lions), tour guiding and an experienced off-road driver. Patrick has the potential to positively contribute to wildlife management and conservation. Having joined the project, he will be tasked with overseeing and coordinating rangers and scouts in the conservancies in our areas of operation.