Hirola Conservation Programme:

saving the world's most endangered antelope

Promotes the conservation of the hirola antelope and its fragile habitat in partnership with communities in eastern Kenya.

Aden Ali Elmi

Aden Ali Elmi is our field research assistant at Ishaqbini conservancy. Having schooled at Kotile primary school and later Kotile secondary school adjacent to Ishaqbini conservancy, Aden is very familiar with the wildlife occurring in the area. He loves nature, the outdoors and especially the wildlife in the area. “My favorite animal is the Hirola” he says. “I think they are adorable and beautiful animals and they should be conserved even for future generations” he added. His love for nature and the conservation of the endangered hirola antelope triggered Aden to do something about it and he has displayed his passion in conservation when he joined the HCP team early this year. He is helping the team by conducting patrols of both wildlife and Hirola monitoring on a daily basis, deploying and checking on the camera traps and helping with transects data collection in the conservancy. In addition Aden is also a great link with the community as he works with the herders and the adjacent community members especially in handling human-wildlife conflict in the area. Aden is also a role model to many of the kids back in his school who would want to take up conservation as a career in life.