Hirola Conservation Programme:

saving the world's most endangered antelope

Promotes the conservation of the hirola antelope and its fragile habitat in partnership with communities in eastern Kenya.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 11:03

Hirola Habitat Restoration Project

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In May 2016, we have launched community based hirola habitat restoration project that aims at restoring grasslands in areas where hirola persist currently as well as future reintroduction sites. Between 1985 and 2012, tree cover increased 300% across the historic range of hirola, translating to a 75% decline in grasslands cover for hirola. To restore grassland habitats, we are implement the following practices: 1) the physical cutting, uprooting or breaking of branches in attempt to restore grassland at scales of hundreds of hectares in prioritized areas within the hirola range, 2) nucleation plantings (pocket plantings) of native grass seeds at scales of hundreds of hectares, 3) community-based protection of elephants (in the form of anti-poaching squads and enhanced communication between villages) to encourage elephant herds to reside on community lands. We anticipate our effort will also have the knock-on benefit of improving local livelihoods within the hirola range.


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