Hirola Conservation Programme:

saving the world's most endangered antelope

Promotes the conservation of the hirola antelope and its fragile habitat in partnership with communities in eastern Kenya.

Saturday, 13 February 2016 16:43

Hirola Conservation gets smart with SMART conservation Apps

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Our conservation efforts were recently bolstered by the adoption of SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool, www.smartconservationsoftware.org) and CyberTracker (www.cybertracker.org) softwares. SMART is an efficient conservation tool that measures, evaluates and improves the effectiveness of wildlife law enforcement patrols and site-based conservation activities. SMART is designed to help wildlife authorities, protected areas and community conservation groups strengthen their activities through staff empowerment and boost motivation. The tool provides increased efficiency and promotion of credible and transparent monitoring of the effectiveness of anti-poaching efforts.

Hirola  rangers’  with help of HCP  are gradually embracing SMART and CyberTracker apps across all our conservation sites as an effective way of achieving our conservation goals including data collection, anti-poaching, capacity building and partnership with local authorities. It is now easier for the rangers to monitor their patrols routes, report sightings of hirola and and identifying poaching hotspots within the hirola range.

HCP works with the local communities in partnership with local authorities to conserve the endangered hirola and its habitat. By combining indigenous information, scientific knowledge, and our area-wide network through herders (citizen science) for Hirola programme, we are able to generate information from SMART and other conservation apps for overlay on Google maps or share this information with the local authorities for effective planning. In this way, SMART is empowering HCP by converting patrol and intelligence data into useful information that will help long term decision making within the hirola range. So far SMART is helping our field team generate unique data on possible poaching hotspots while improving enforcement efforts and strategies. The software is also helping HCP develop protection plans and implement conservation strategies tailored to specific challenges facing hirola conservation along the Kenya-Somalia border.

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