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Monday, 16 October 2017 10:59

Our 2016 Houston Zoo wildlife warrior completes his computer training

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In 2016, Mr. Ali Hassan Ali, also the received the Houston Zoo wildlife warrior award. Facilitated by the award, Ali underwent successful computer training. He recently completed the training and is now conversant in Ms. Word, Ms. PowerPoint, Ms. Excel, Internet and Email and Basic IT concepts. With his newly acquired skills, he comfortably collects our field data, input and edit the data in a computer and successfully share the data via internet. He is now in charge of data in the field and is also training other hirola rangers on his new set of skills.

Immediately after completing his training, we gave Ali a laptop as a token of appreciation of his conservation efforts and also to inspire and motivate him further. He considers it as one of his most priced items and he says, it is to him what livestock is to a Somali pastoralist. Since he got the laptop, his productivity has doubled and he regularly sends updates. Prior to owning the laptop, Ali usually travelled over 50Kms to Garissa town to look for a cyber café where the data would be typed into a computer and shared for analysis. He now does all these by himself within the comfort of his boma.

All the other hirola rangers are inspired by this. Besides being in charge of data, he has become their unofficial computer teacher. Every day after patrols, they flock him to learn a thing or two about computers. We plan on training all the hirola rangers in computer and other IT concepts by the end of 2018 and equip them with all the necessary equipment as we advance our approaches in fighting poaching, monitoring wildlife and collecting data within the hirola’s geographic range.
Ali is one of the lucky few to have undergone computer training amongst the locals within the hirola’s geographical range, he is an inspiration to many. His basic IT knowledge and ability to operate a computer have elevated his position within the community. He now commands more respect, even from the village elders. His new status is an advantage to our conservation efforts especially our outreach programmes.

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