HCP is an indigenous, non-profit organization based in Garissa County, Kenya. The program is primarily dedicated to the conservation of hirola antelope (Beatragus hunteri) but also aims to protect all wildlife and habitats within their area.

The project originated from a global concern about the decline in hirola populations coupled with a limited conservation effort, as the hirola occur along the border regions and past conservation efforts had been limited to opportunistic field visits. The hirola are arguably marginalised by the pressures of cultural barriers between Somalis and other ethnic groups within Kenya.

Because the hirola occur outside the formally protected areas, a strong in-situ program was identified as the ultimate solution to curb ongoing hirola declines. HCP started as an individual effort in 2005 following Dr Ali's recruitment into the National Hirola Management Committee, then as a small community-based organisation in 2008 and finally formally registered as Non-profit organisation in 2014.

Technical Support

The program has an advisory board to give technical guidance and they include but not limited to:

Renee Bumpus (Conservation Programs Manager, Houston Zoo)

Dr. Jacob R. Goheen (Professor of Zoology, University of Wyoming)

Dr. David Mallon, (Co- Chair,IUCN SSP Antelope Specialist Group)

Dr. Charles Musyoki, (Conservation Scientist, Head of Species Conservation, Kenya Wildlife Service)

Dr. Rajan Amin (Senior Conservation Biologist, Zoological Society of London)

Dr. Martha Fischer (Chair, AZA Antelope and Giraffe TAG and Coordinator, Associations of Zoos and Aquariums)

Dr. Kari E. Veblen (Associate Professor, Rangeland ecology in the Department of Wildland Resources-Utah State University)