The Hirola Wildlife Crisis Fund

The Hirola Wildlife Crisis Fund established in 2021 provides emergency assistance to wildlife in the volatile region along the Kenya-Somalia border. The crisis fund facilitates rapid responses during prolonged droughts, floods, livestock and wildlife disease outbreaks, cross border bushmeat trade and increased poaching incidences.

 We established the Hirola Wildlife Crisis Fund with the following objectives;

  1. Improve responses to drought and floods to reduce human and wildlife mortalities.
  2. Increase the resilience of local communities to natural calamities through alternative livelihoods.
  3. Enhance community awareness on drought mitigation strategies, water harvesting, livestock health, destocking and zoonotic diseases management.

To achieve the above objectives, all donations will go towards financing the following responses and mitigation measures:

  1. Increasing availability and access to water for wildlife, livestock and locals through water trucking to meet minimum survival requirements.
  2. Providing high quality feeds to wildlife and livestock during prolonged drought periods.
  3. One Health Program that will curtail the outbreak and spread of highly contagious diseases between livestock and wildlife through vaccination drives.
  4. Establish sustainable Nature-based Solutions as alternative livelihoods to increase the resilience of local communities to calamities.
  5. Increase antipoaching presence and work to combat heightened poaching incidents and curtail cross border bushmeat trade during increased poaching periods.
  6. Opening and maintaining wildlife access corridors along the Tana River to provide safe access routes to water during drought periods. This will also reduce human-wildlife conflicts and mortalities.
  7. Rescue, rehabilitation and re-wilding of wildlife in areas along the Kenya-Somalia border

You can support our efforts in ensuring wildlife, communities and livestock are cushioned during times of crisis through the following LINK