hcp Events


We established and celebrated the world's first hirola day on 12th Aug 2015. This date coincides with the world's elephant day in an effort to connect the two species.

On 12th August 2018, we held the 4th anniversary of this annual event in Garissa County, Kenya where our team in partnership with the local communities made this event a success!

Wildlife Cinema

Conservation as a form of land use is a new concept for the Somali communities living along the Kenya-Somalia border, and who for centuries have practiced pastoralism in isolation. In such circumstances, cultural barriers and lack of exposure can be a major hindrance to achieving conservation goals.

However, community engagement through education and outreach can overcome these obstacles. In particular, the power of film is universal and can transcend through cultural barriers. As such and with support from Houston Zoo, in January 2016, we launched our wildlife Cinema programme, delivering a new platform for wildlife education. Nearly all Somali pastoralist within the project area have never seen TV let alone film, therefore, we are confident that by sharing wildlife films in these villages, Somali pastorlaists get to appreciate conservation as a form of land use and are eager to participate in our effort to save the hirola antelope from extinction.


Through support from Houston Zoo, we recently acquired a mobile film unit consisting of a generator, a DVD player, speakers and a projector, and a white bed sheet that serves as a screen. In 2016 we are planning to traverse through the hirola range in a race to engage nomadic communities through films on wildlife conservation,water resources, and poaching etc.

Supporting hirola football clubs

hcp recently initiated supporting local football groups within the hirola range with an overall goal of engaging Somali youths through sports while also sharing the plight of hirola.

In partnership with international agencies, hcp is empowering these local groups by donating ultra durable footballs to rural football clubs. hcp is in the process of recruiting 10 football clubs over of 12000KM2 by 2020.