Core Team

Edwin Sangale

Field Coordinator

He is a hcp mentee while pursuing a BSc in Wildlife Management. He takes lead on scout work in the field that helps provide data and content for our conservation goals, coordinates wildlife monitoring,  restoration research programs on our restoration sites.

Hassan Issa

Livelihood Officer

He holds a Bachelor for Development Studies (BDS), Dipl in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies. He is experienced in Environmental Security and Sustainable Peace. He is responsible for community mobilization, community education, conflict resolution and coordinating field activities. He also does data collection, data entry and report writing.

George Maina

ICT Manager

George holds an MSc in GIS and a BSc in Meteorology both from the University of Nairobi. He is a specialist in the application of ICT in GIS and Remote Sensing and is well skilled in spatial databases, Python, R, GIS systems and digital content management.

Owino Raymond

Research & Conservation Manager

He holds a BSc. Wildlife management from Maasai Mara University. He currently serves as our research and conservation manager where he is involved in; planning and conducting experiments, recording and analyzing data, carrying out fieldwork e.g. collecting samples and writing research papers.

Ali Hassan

Head of Scouts for Bura East

He is from the Malakote community, who are a non- Somali community restricted to the banks of Tana river in eastern Kenya. He previously worked as volunteer informant with the Kenya wildlife service (KWS). He is in charge of the scouts at the Bura East Conservancy

Aden Elmi

Head of Scouts for Ishaqbini

He is in charge of the scouts at the Ishaqbini Conservancy. He is from the Somali community and is very familiar with the wildlife occurring in the area. He helps the team by conducting wildlife patrols and Hirola monitoring.

Nishad Patel

Director of Partnerships

Nishad Patel, was born and raised in Kenya and holds BSc in Ecology from San Francisco State University in California, USA. Nishad has an impressive track record of establishing fruitful collaborations, partnerships, and fundraising initiatives across a wide range of industries within region.