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Illegal Cross Border Bushmeat Trade

  If you consume meat-based foods in the local hotels within Garissa and the region along the Kenya-Somalia border, there is a high chance you might have unintentionally eaten bushmeat. Particularly giraffes that for unknown reasons have been the target for the bushmeat trade. This illegal enterprise is purported to be very lucrative for instance,…
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30/06/2020 0

Timely rise of the Bura East Conservancy

  Arawale National Reserve (ANR) offered an important conservation area not only for the long-term recovery of the critically endangered hirola, but also for the conservation of other endangered species including the Grevy’s zebra, the Somali giraffe and the East African Wild Dog. Immediately after its short-lived operation, poaching increased considerably while wildlife populations in…
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27/04/2020 0

Human-giraffe Conflict In Garissa

Underlying issues In Garissa County, the communities occupying areas along the river Tana have transformed from nomadic pastoralists to farmers.  The farm owners use water from the river for irrigation. Emergence of farms along the river has led to the blocking of giraffe water points hence giraffes have to force their way to the river…
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